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Vicks NyQuil Lets You Dance


A few weeks ago, I talked about an ad for Vicks DayQuil (which was also a NyQuil ad). I pointed out that the image was strong, although there were a few problems with the implications of the image.

This new ad for NyQuil also uses a strong image. There’s a photo of an empty dose cup. The NyQuil that’s left in the cup forms the image of a couple dancing. The message of the image is that after you take NyQuil, you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to go out and dance.

In addition, there’s only enough copy to clarify the message of the image.

This one gets 5 monkeys!

5 Monkeys!


Vicks DayQuil: Where’s the Fruit?


I like the image of the pill/orange combination that Vicks DayQuil Plus Vitamin C uses in this ad. The orange imparts the message that the product contains vitamin C.

There aren’t many ways to say vitamin C visually other than using an orange. But the orange implies that the product is going to taste like an orange. Since the product is a capsule, it doesn’t taste like anything. The orange also implies that there’s some natural fruit benefit to the product, which is why they ran a tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the page that no one can or will read:

Does not contain juice or fruit-based ingredients.