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Just For Fun: Centraal Beheer

Here’s a rough translation of the dialog:

“Please take off your pants.”

“You look very old, but you will look young again after the acupuncture treatment.”

“Don’t be afraid of me, white guy. I’m doing it properly. Don’t move.”

(He turns up the radio.) “This is a good song.”


Visa: Please Leave Home and Spend

Yesterday, I talked about the Luvs commercial that used the Beatles song All You Need is Love with the lyrics changed to “All you need is Luvs.” I mentioned how there is a special part of hell reserved for everyone involved with producing the commercial.

Representatives from hell contacted me yesterday and told me that they won’t take those people because even hell has standards. They demanded an apology.

OK. I’m sorry. But where will they go if hell won’t take them?

What is to be done with the people from Visa and The Moody Blues? You know The Moody Blues. They were a great band back in the sixties and seventies. They sang about spirituality and love. Today, they sing about paying for things with your Visa card.

Granted, this is a beautifully produced spot, so you can almost forgive it. Morgan Freeman does the voiceover and everyone loves Morgan Freeman. But it’s still a commercial for a credit card company telling you to rack up charges at a time when people should be saving money and not adding additional debt. Visa doesn’t care because they’re in trouble. Credit card companies are losing money as unemployed consumers default on their payments while everyone else stops using their cards.

As for the Moody Blues, presumably they’ve made a fortune over the years. How much money do they need? When is it enough?

I realize that my views on this topic are holdovers from a time when it was considered bad for musicians to sell out and use their music in commercials. But just because attitudes have shifted, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a bad thing.

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By Marc Librescu

Just for Fun: Talk Talk

Suburban Auto Group: Trunk Monkey Commercial

This commerical is for a car dealership in Sandy, OR. It’s a good example of how a funny commercial can go viral and spread to TV shows and the Internet.

And it has a monkey.

If the ad spreads outside of the dealership’s local area, it won’t help them to sell more cars. They’ve cleverly taken advantage of this by offering Trunk Monkey merchandise on their web site.