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TV Commercial: Japanese Advertising Secrets

An interesting and unusual TV commercial for sushi from Japan.


Johnson Automotive: We Don’t Need No Badgers

This is a series of brilliant commercials produced for Johnson Automotive. They’re hilarious and on point. The commercials cleverly use the badger character┬áto parody car salesmen and let the viewer know that Johnson Automotive doesn’t badger its customers.

The badger is really a puppet that’s being controlled by five operators, who were later digitally removed.

Another winner of the coveted 5 Monkey Award!

Just For Fun: Eddie Izzard – Death Star Canteen

I’m under the weather, hence no ad today. This clip, which has nothing to do with advertising (we all need a good laugh these days), is an Eddie Izzard comedy routine that someone animated with Legos.

Just For Fun: Mad TV Commercial Parody