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Shine On, You Crazy Diamond



My wife showed me this one. She was reading Fitness magazine and came across an ad with nothing but a cryptic letter G.  Two pages later, there was a similar ad, only this one said: SHINE ON.

So, what is the product these ads are trying to promote? G? Shine On?


As far as I’m concerned, companies can waste their money any way they want to. Any advertising will only help the economy, and two full-page ads will certainly help Fitness magazine survive in hard times. But these ads definitely win the stupid award.

Way down at the lower-right corner, in print so small you practically need a microscope to read it, it says “© 2009 S-VC, Inc.”

Off to Google I went, armed with Shine On and S-VC, Inc. And lo and behold, it turns out that this ad is for some kind of Gatorade product.

For fuck’s sake. Were they really expecting people to know this from looking at the ad?