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Just For Fun: Le Trefle

Yeah, we’re back. Stranger things have happened.

EDS Keeps Those Doggies Rollin’

These are two of the funniest commercials I’ve seen in a long time.

Priceless line:

“It ain’t an easy job, but when you bring a herd into town, and you ain’t lost a-one of them, ain’t a feeling like it in the world.”

By Marc Librescu

Better Marriage Blanket Filters a Mighty Wind

This is a TV commercial for something called The Better Marriage Blanket. It has a layer of activated charcoal that is supposed to filter out your “flatulence molecules.”

My favorite part of this commercial is where they say: “It makes a great wedding gift, or anniversary gift!” I imagine that if you gave this as a wedding gift, it would be the end of your relationship with the new bride and groom. If you gave it as an anniversary gift, you’d probably be on the way to divorce court.

By Marc Librescu

Johnson Automotive: We Don’t Need No Badgers

This is a series of five brilliant commercials produced for Johnson Automotive. They’re hilarious and on point. The commercials cleverly use the badger character to parody car salesmen and let the viewer know that Johnson Automotive doesn’t badger its customers.

The badger is really a puppet that’s being controlled by five operators, who were later digitally removed.

Another winner of the coveted 5 Monkey Award!

By Marc Librescu

Just For Fun: Berlitz

Here’s a funny commercial for Berlitz.

Just For Fun: Centraal Beheer

Here’s a rough translation of the dialog:

  • “Please take off your pants.”
  • “You look very old, but you will look young again after the acupuncture treatment.”
  • “Don’t be afraid of me, ‘white guy.’ I’m doing it properly. Don’t move.”
  • (He turns up the radio.) “This is a good song.”

Just For Fun: Chasers War Ad Road Test – Athelete’s Foot