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Just For Fun: Berlitz

Here’s a funny commercial for Berlitz.


Friskies Adventureland: Pass the Catnip!

Like the return of Sherlock Holmes, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, like some other “something that was dead is no longer dead” simile you can think of, AdMonkey boldly returns — this time with new posts when I find an ad I want to blog about, instead of daily.

I saw this Friskies cat food commercial last night while watching the Winter Olympics. The commercial suggests feeding your cat Friskies will transport him to a surrealistic world where turkeys, cows, fish and chickens dance about for his pleasure (presumably before they’re eaten). Make no mistake, this will be Fluffy’s introduction to the cat drug subculture. (Oh yes, there is one — they start with catnip and then move on to harder stuff).

I ran to the store to buy some of this magical Friskies cat food. I was in luck. There was plenty in stock, so I bought a dozen cans. When I got home, my wife reminded me that we don’t have a cat. I spent a long sad night on the Internet, staring longingly at photos of cats on I Can Has Cheezburger.

So, yeah, I like the commericial.

Speaking of the Olympics and commercials, The Wall Street Journal reports today that Friday night’s Olympics broadcast contained more commercials than sports. Since NBC isn’t making money from the Olympics this time around, someone over at the network decided to carpet bomb the Olympics broadcast with commercials promoting their new shows. Higher ratings translate to more ad revenue, so if they can get enough people to watch these shows, they can recoup some of the money they lost.

Here are a couple of other cool Friskies ads featuring cats doing parkour. Parkour, as far as I can tell, is something crazy invented by the French that involves people running on top of things and jumping over things, while trying not to die.

Read my blog post that explains why most pet food is not something you should ever feed to your pets.

By Marc Librescu

Happy Anniversary.


I started AdMonkey one year ago today, so it’s strangely appropriate that this is the day that I decided to end it. After a year, I expected the readership to be greater than it is. The process of searching for ads, scanning them, doing color corrections, posting them, and writing commentary is simply too time consuming to justify continuing the blog, even sporadically.

For the most part, print ads are awful (this follows Sturgeon’s Law, which states that “Ninety percent of everything is crud.”). Most TV commercials are awful. The era when advertisers can sell products by interrupting people is coming to an end.

The newspaper and magazine industries are dying and neither has much time left. The newspaper industry deserves to die because newspapers are biased, and the nature of news makes it better suited to electronic delivery. As for magazines, consumers will simply refuse to purchase magazines that seem as if they’re about ten pages long. The latest issue of MacWorld should have been called MacWorld Air (a little Mac humor there).

In the future, printed magazines will be something you’ll look at in a museum.


By Marc Librescu

Just For Fun: Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

LG Rumor²: Lose The Butterflies

LG Rumor2 ad

This ad for LG Rumor² asks:

Is it a fashion statement?
Or something better?

My answer:

It’s not a fashion statement.
Or something better.
You’ve taken Heidi Klum,
a beautiful woman,
made her look like a man,
and covered her with insects.

The effect is not so nice.

By Marc Librescu

Always Mind Your Language

Always ad

I’m thinking that an ad for a product of this type should probably avoid using the words going down in the headline.

File this under what where they thinking?

By Marc Librescu

Just For Fun: Centraal Beheer

Here’s a rough translation of the dialog:

“Please take off your pants.”

“You look very old, but you will look young again after the acupuncture treatment.”

“Don’t be afraid of me, white guy. I’m doing it properly. Don’t move.”

(He turns up the radio.) “This is a good song.”