Tampax is Just Plain Crazy. Period.

Tampax Pearl

This ad for Tampax Pearl leaves me utterly speechless (which is why it’s probably a good thing I’m typing this).

The ad features tennis star Serena Williams wearing a white tennis dress that’s so short we can practically see her hoo-haw. She’s hit a tennis ball. In the foreground, a woman dressed like it’s 1947 holds her monthly gift, which is represented by a red box with a smoking hole in it. We’re led to believe the hole is the result of the tennis ball having been slammed through the box.

If you look at the box, you’ll notice that it forms a little face. The two parts of the bow coming off the top form the eyes. The pink rectangle over the hole is the nose. The hole is the mouth. Once you see the face, you’ll notice it has the same expression as the woman holding the box.

Monthly gift? Box? Hole? A period with an angry face with smoke coming out of it’s mouth? I ask you: What kind of insane minds came up with this?

By Marc Librescu


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