Happy Anniversary.


I started AdMonkey one year ago today, so it’s strangely appropriate that this is the day that I decided to end it. After a year, I expected the readership to be greater than it is. The process of searching for ads, scanning them, doing color corrections, posting them, and writing commentary is simply too time consuming to justify continuing the blog, even sporadically.

For the most part, print ads are awful (this follows Sturgeon’s Law, which states that “Ninety percent of everything is crud.”). Most TV commercials are awful. The era when advertisers can sell products by interrupting people is coming to an end.

The newspaper and magazine industries are dying and neither has much time left. The newspaper industry deserves to die because newspapers are biased, and the nature of news makes it better suited to electronic delivery. As for magazines, consumers will simply refuse to purchase magazines that seem as if they’re about ten pages long. The latest issue of MacWorld should have been called MacWorld Air (a little Mac humor there).

In the future, printed magazines will be something you’ll look at in a museum.


By Marc Librescu


5 responses to “Happy Anniversary.

  1. Sad to see you go- this was one of the few blogs I read on a regular basis. I design ads for a living (electronic, not print), and this was a great resource for me to improve my own designs. Good luck with the job search and the photo blog!

  2. Thanks, Dan. I appreciate it.

    I wish I’d received more comments like that while I was writing the blog. There’s something about human nature that causes us to take thing for granted. When someone dies, we eulogize the person who passed away but rarely take the time to tell that person how much we appreciated him while he was alive.

  3. That’s too bad. Guess everything ends eventually. It was an enjoyable read while it lasted, anyway.

  4. also i read your blog…i’m sad you decided to give up. but probably your new blog will be the right one..I keep on listing admonkey in my blogroll…and I hope for more than 6 months.
    Good LUCK!