Post Shredded Wheat Marketing Falls Flat

Post Shredded Wheat ad

There are some ads that you read and the only thing that goes through your mind is: What were they thinking?

This ad for Post Shredded Wheat is one of those ads. You can click the image above if you want to read the copy.

This is some kind of joke ad for Shredded Wheat that makes no sense whatsoever. Most readers will stop reading by the fourth paragraph, fail to understand what the heck the ad is about, and then turn the page.

The truly adventurous reader (all two of them) will go to the website mentioned in the ad: There, they will find a series of videos that may collectively make some semblance of sense, but anyone who has the time to view all the videos probably should be out looking for a job.

Here’s a screenshot of the website:

Post Shredded Wheat site

I watched this video and it was more nonsense. I’m sure this is all very funny and very clever to the marketing geniuses who put this together, but to the rest of us, it’s a big stupid waste of time and resources.

Is this going to sell Shredded Wheat? Sadly, the answer is no. At best, it will get some twenty-something ad people a pat on the back by other twenty-something ad people at the advertising cleverness awards.

By Marc Librescu


4 responses to “Post Shredded Wheat Marketing Falls Flat

  1. You could be more wrong about that ad -but you’d have to really work at it .

    The ad makes clever use of ironic wit -to attest to the wholesome simplicity of the product -to boot – the pitchman nails the performance .

    In an age of over processed food – this ad positions Post Shredded Wheat as a wholesome
    alternative -and does so with some first rate snark , which should appeal to upscale educated consumers (the SNL crowd ) -who normally tune out commercials .

    The only ad on TV today that rivals this one , but for different reason , is the Prius “Harmony” Commercial.

    That’s my 2 cents – based on my 30 years of selling stuff.

    • Thanks for the comment. Here is my response:

      1. I was reviewing the print ad, not the TV commercial.
      2. As I have stated before, print ads should stand by themselves because it is unreasonable for the advertiser to assume that the reader has seen the TV commercial.

      If I don’t understand this print ad because I haven’t seen the TV commercial that is part of the campaign, then the ad has failed.

  2. Got It . I agree with you .

    The Frank Druffel shtick is made for TV

    I don’t think the type of dialogue transfers well to print . In print you must hit your points much faster and with less ambiguity.

    In print irony works in limericks and in  Maureen Dowd columns .


  3. I’ve only seen the TV commercial, not the print ads, and I think it’s brilliant. Very droll copy, hilarious visual details (employees playing online solitaire — probably all of us who work in office settings are familiar with that scene), and the actor’s delivery is perfect.

    I love it.