Luvs: Down With Stupid Ads

Luvs ad

I developed a healthy disrespect for Proctor & Gamble, the makers of Luvs, the day I heard one of their TV commercials that used the Beatles song All You Need is Love with the lyrics changed to “All you need is Luvs.” I’m not making this up. There’s a special part of hell reserved for the people who do marketing and advertising for this company, as well as the agency who came up with the concept. And lets not forget Michael Jackson and Sony, who licensed the song. (Michael Jackson was going to hell anyway—I don’t know what kind of additional penalty licensing Beatles songs to idiot marketers will bring.)

“Classic songs have been used for some time to connect with the consumer and drive emotion for a product or brand,” said Lisa Jester, a P&G baby care spokeswoman. “Music has a way of connecting us, and making us smile.”

Jester must be joking (get it?).” The commercial didn’t make Beatles fans smile. It pissed them off.

Following the concept that connects the sixties and disposable diapers comes this ridiculous ad featuring cartoon babies at a protest. The ad looks like it’s targeting third-graders. Of course, it’s targeting adults—adults who have the mentality of a third-grader.

I’m starting to miss the days when advertising wasn’t so creative. You know, here’s our product and here’s what it does. Please buy some.

By Marc Librescu


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