Tic Tac Chill: Reload the Copy

tic tac ad

I like the way this ad for Tic Tac Chill combines the photo illustration with the product image. I’ll always give points to an ad that limits the use of copy, as long as the message of the ad gets through.

But I wouldn’t have used the line: Take a load off with Tic Tac Chill. The word load is too, um, loaded. In popular vernacular, you can say that something is a load of crap, a load of rubbish, a load of bollocks, or a load of shite. You can shoot your load, drop a load, or load a fat one (joint). You can load a gun.

Now I feel like George Carlin.

The point is that none of these uses of the word load are positive. I’m not saying that using the word destroys the ad, but I would have avoided using it.

One more thing: Is it a coincidence that the product image kind of looks like an iPod?


By Marc Librescu


2 responses to “Tic Tac Chill: Reload the Copy

  1. yes, that is a nice Ad, highly designed too, very difficult to copy.

  2. Great messages too. It’s like you are on the moon when you are chewing that gum, in some sense it kind of feels like it