Trojan Condoms: For a Good Time, Avoid the Swine

Trojan ad

This is one of those rare times that I’m stumped. On one hand, I personally like this ad for Trojan condoms because it’s so weird and surreal. It’s certainly memorable.

On the other hand, I wonder if the pigs are a turn-off to women, who this ad is supposed to be targeting.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Post a comment with your thoughts.

By Marc Librescu


4 responses to “Trojan Condoms: For a Good Time, Avoid the Swine

  1. I follow your blog and truly appreciate what you do, thank you.

    With the “happy couple” in the back, they seem to be saying you should let condom use help you decide on a mate. But how do we define “mate?”

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, that’s the message of the ad, but I would ammend your interpretation to read: You should let condom use help you decide on who to mate with. The question remains whether the ad will appeal to women.

  2. I also follow your website, and like coming here to see what you have to say about new ads.

    I am a graphic design student, and I actually had to do a review on this exact ad in one of my classes.

    For me, being a woman, this ad appeals to me. It’s a very true ad actually. I know I wouldn’t want to “mate” with a guy I meet somewhere randomly, especially if he did not wear a condom…

    The ad is extremely smart and well done. And I think it gets the point and message across nicely in a humorous way.

    • Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your perspective.

      After I read your comment, I asked my wife for her thoughts on the ad. She didn’t like it at all, and thought it was saying that men were pigs. Maybe we have to look at more than just the demographic of women and look at the perspective of single women between, say, the ages of 18 and 35.

      But in 2001, it was reported that women represent one-third of condom sales, so perhaps the ad isn’t only targeted to women. A single man reading the ad wants to be the guy with the woman, not one of the pigs. Consequently, the message to men is that it might be a good idea to make a trip to the drug store before going out on Friday night.