McCormick Jumps on the Antioxidant Bandwagon

McCormick ad

Visually, I like this ad for McCormick spices. It’s well-designed, colorful, and visually clever, which is never a bad thing.

But McCormick knows that their claims of health benefits from antioxidants are overblown. That’s why the copy says:

Is there anything better than adding a favorite ingredient that may also support your health?

It may support your health. But then again, it may not. There’s no proof that antioxidants have any positive effect on human health and there are even claims that they may be harmful.

The bottom line? Some advertisers make exaggerated claims that play on people’s fears of illness and death in order to sell products. Consumers shouldn’t be mindless sheep that just suck up advertising messages uncritically (am I mixing my metaphors here?). A little healthy skepticism goes a long way.

By Marc Librescu


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