Trident Splash Fights Back

Trident Splash ad

Trident Splash is still running this snack attack campaign. This installment is better than the one I blogged about last October. There’s something about playing with the scale of objects that makes the ad memorable.

Any dieter will understand the image of the woman fighting off the giant donut. The problem here is that the message is generic. Since the message could apply to a diet food company like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig, a low calorie snack, or any number of diet-related products, it would work better for Trident  if the product was more prominent in the ad.

The copy says that Trident Splash is a “sugar-free gum with a juicy liquid center,” but that’s really an afterthought. There’s so much going on in the image that  the reader is finished with the ad before she ever gets to the copy.

By Marc Librescu


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