Pom Juice Says It’s Real

Pom ad

This ad for Pom pomegranate juice has just about everything going for it. It’s designed really well. Notice how your eye starts at the headline, moves to the product shot, and then goes down to the copy. The bottle itself has a distinctive design that is accentuated by the way it’s lit in the photo.

The message is simple. They’re saying that their brand is authentic while the others are fake. Whether or not that’s true is beside the point; they’re staking out their territory.

The one problem with the ad is that there’s too much copy. As I’ve said over and over, readers don’t sit around all day waiting to read the new Pom ad. They’re reading a magazine. The ad is an interruption in their reading experience. They want to get on with the business of reading the magazine and it’s a rare ad that is so compelling that a reader will stop and read rows and rows of copy.

One thing that I find odd is where they say “And how we back our health claims with over $25 million in medical research.” I’m not sure that advertising is a good place to abandon the rules of the English language and start writing in phrases.

That aside, the real issue here is that the reader’s reaction to this statement is: What health claims? It’s odd that they talk about spending $25 million to support their health claims and not bother to mention what those health claims are. What’s more important, the health claims or the money they spent on research?

By Marc Librescu


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