Microsoft: The Proof is in the Footage

A few weeks ago, I talked about the first in the series of Microsoft commercials purporting to show real people looking to buy a laptop under $1,500. I pointed out that the woman in the ad, Lauren, just happened to be an actresss, and I contended that the commercial was scripted. I also believe the subsequent commercials were scripted.

Now comes more proof suggesting that the ad was staged. Watch the video and you’ll a man wearing jeans, a striped sweater, and a black jacket walking toward the doorway of the Apple Store. When Lauren supposedly exits the store, the guy can clearly be seen still walking past the store. In other words, the actress walked toward the doorway and then turned around and walked back away from the doorway. They cut the video to make it look like she walked in, shopped, and then came out. But she never went in to the Apple Store.

So we have a series of commercials that are crafted to look authentic, but that are most likely fake. What’s puzzling about this is that the message that Macs are more expensive than PCs is true and easily demonstrated.

Why would any company go through the trouble of faking commercials, only to risk having the lie exposed? What does this say about the company? What does it say about how the company feels about the consumer?

By Marc Librescu


One response to “Microsoft: The Proof is in the Footage

  1. EVERYTHING about Billysoft is fake, including Bill Gates’ “philanthropy.”