Three Olives Makes A Big Mistake

Three Olives ad 1

Three Olives ad 3

Three Olives ad 2

These three ads for Three Olives Vodka ran in people magazine on three consecutive right pages. These ads are wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin.

For those who may not be understand the expression O-Face, it refers to the expression that one makes at the height of sexual intimacy. They’ve co-opted the term here to mean the face they imagine one might make after drinking Three Olives Vodka (Three-O, get it?).

In my opinion, cherry and grape flavored vodka appeals to underage drinkers, much the same way that teenagers used to drink Boone’s Farm wine. These ads appear to me to be geared toward teenagers who are into sexting, which is taking sexual photos of themselves with their cell phones and sending them to their friends. This contention is supported by the copy at the bottom of the ad that directs the reader to a web site in order to enter a contest where she can upload photos of herself and win a chance to “be the next O-face” and $10,000.

No doubt this company will tell you that they’re into adult, responsible drinking, but these ads tell a different story.

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By Marc Librescu


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