I’m Not a Mac But I’m Cheap

These commercials for Microsoft are starting to get a little weird. Once again, Microsoft drives home the point that PCs are cheaper than Macs.

As I watch this commercial, I can’t shake the feeling that these are actors performing from a script. Look at the expressions on the “mother’s” face at about 28 seconds, when she says, “They are more money!” Watch how they both shout “Blu-ray” in unison, as if they’d just found the Holy Grail.

These are actors who have learned a script. That makes the story behind these commercials essentially a lie, because the commericials are purporting to tell a true story. Whether the two are actual actors or the woman and the kid are a mother and son who have been coached is immaterial.

Notice how they show the smallest MacBook and the kid says, “It’s a little too small.” Of course, they don’t show a 19 inch MacBook Pro.

But the stupidest thing in the commercial is when the mom says: “This computer has to be fast because sometimes we have to look up stuff and get out the door and get to baseball, finish homework—he’s done.” It’s almost too dumb to respond to, but I’ll have a go at it anyway.

Modern laptops are all pretty fast. A very fast processor will speed tasks such as graphics rendering, but it won’t help you to “look stuff up” faster, “get to baseball” faster, or “finish homework” faster.

Still, the main point of the commercial is that PCs are cheaper than Macs. It’s true—if you’re on a limited budget, you’re pretty much stuck with having to buy a PC that runs Windows.

By Marc Librescu


2 responses to “I’m Not a Mac But I’m Cheap

  1. Come on, this commercial is cheap! Is it really created by Crispin, etc?