Ice Breakers Son Desconcertante

Ice Breakers ad

File this one under puzzling. I understand the mint leaves and the ice cubes in this ad for Ice Breakers mints. I don’t understand the Latina woman with the super-short shorts.

By Marc Librescu


5 responses to “Ice Breakers Son Desconcertante

  1. Couch Potato

    Chew a mint, break the ice with the lovely Latina and, thanks to the Ice Breakers, you might score.

    • I’m not sure I agree with your interpretation. The headline, Bring Out Your Flavor, combined with the fact that the ad ran in a women’s fitness magazine, suggests that the woman in the ad is supposed to be someone the reader identifies with, rather than someone the reader desires.

  2. Couch Potato

    Perhaps the invitiation is to women to enhance their attractiveness to the opposite sex. Or perhaps the same sex?

  3. Latinas have flavor!

  4. Sí, pero es un estereotipo?