Microsoft Fires Another Shot

Here’s Microsoft’s latest salvo in the War Against Apple. The commercial, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, continues to drive home the point that PCs are less expensive than Macs.

In this commercial, computer shopper Giampaolo claims to be “technically saavy,” yet he makes the statement: “Macs, to me, are more about the aesthetics than they are about the computing power.”

This statement flies in the face of reality. Most graphic designers use Macs. In the movie industry, computer animation is done on Macs. Movies are edited on Macs. Macs are used to create and edit the music used in movies (and everywhere else in the music business). Most screenwriters use Macs. Are all these processor-intensive tasks being done with Macs simply because they look cool?

The ad doesn’t mention the hidden cost of owning a PC. What’s it worth in lost productivity when Internet Explorer freezes regularly and you have to reboot your PC to recover from the crash? How much does it cost when you have to redo an entire document because your PC crashed and you forgot to save the document you were working on? What is the cost in lost productivity when you have to spend hours online researching error messages? How much is it worth to own a computer that will start reliably every time you turn it on? How much would you pay to know that you’re safe from just about every computer virus out there, so much so that you don’t even need to use antivirus software?

And just how much does your antivirus software and antispyware software slow down that PC that you thought was so fast when you bought it?

By Marc Librescu


One response to “Microsoft Fires Another Shot

  1. Microsoft may be cheaper then Macs… but their quality is cheaper. As a college student I see students struggling with their PCs all the time. Mac is by far the preferred choice, and they are just way more user friendly!