Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts Almost Pulls It Off

Barber Foods ad

I like the image of the guy peering into the refrigerator looking for something to eat in this ad for Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts. The image would have been more effective if it was larger—the book containing the copy takes up the lower third of the ad.

The result is a visually disjointed layout that contains too many elements. In this case, they could have moved the copy to a spot over the image, and made the product shot a little smaller.

By Marc Librescu


2 responses to “Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts Almost Pulls It Off

  1. Couch Potato

    The print ad is probably most effective because it calls to mind the television ad from which this scene was extracted. The man is extracted from his refrigerator coma when his wife and kids discovery his plight and warm a stuffed chicken breast in the nearby oven.

    • On the contrary, the reason you give for making the ad effective is the very reason why it is weak. One of my rules for ads, which I will post on the site soon, is that an ad should stand alone. An advertiser shouldn’t take it for granted that a reader has seen or remembered their TV commerial. Duplicating a message as part of a comprehensive campaign is a good thing. Running a print ad that relies on the reader’s memory of the company’s TV commercial is a bad thing.