Svedka Vodka: Make It Stop!

Svedka Vodka ad

The one good thing that I can say about this ad for Svedka Vodka is that you can’t ignore it. Unfortunately for Svedka, I’ve made a mental note to never ever buy this product.

This ad is garish, creepy, cold, and ill-conceived. It reminds me of the robot in Metropolis, but not in any meaningful way.


Metropolis, 1927, directed by Fritz Lang

Then there’s the headline, which has absolutely no relation to anything in the ad (come to think of it, none of the elements in this ad have any relation to each other):

man cannot live on gossip alone.

Another bit of text tells us: “Voted #1 vodka of 2033.” It’s supposed to be funny, too.

Invariably, when I write a post about an ad that sucks but calls attention to itself, someone will write a comment saying something like, “Yeah, but it made you talk about it, so it must have been effective.”

Let’s be clear. The purpose of advertising isn’t to get people talking about an ad. The purpose of advertising is to sell products.

By Marc Librescu


2 responses to “Svedka Vodka: Make It Stop!

  1. I hope they get sued in 2033.

  2. I hate that fembot thing so much I can’t change the channel fast enough. I feel like, among other things, Svedka is declaring itself to be for men only. Which is fine. I have no desire to try their product. But I also can’t understand why men would like this creepy thing anyway. I’ll stick to Grey Goose.