Boost Mobile Asks: Where’s the Fire?


When I looked at this ad for Boost Mobile, I struggled to read the headline. UNO’D? What the heck is UNO’D? I called my wife over.

“Hey hun, do you have any ideas what this means?”

“Unhosed,” she said.

“Oh. Of course,” I said. “I still don’t understand it.”

So I read  the bit about $50 means $50 and figured they were saying you wouldn’t get hosed by hidden charges.

If you’re creating and ad and you have to choose between being clever and being clear, always choose clarity. Clever is usually a waste of money.

By Marc Librescu


3 responses to “Boost Mobile Asks: Where’s the Fire?

  1. Couch Potato

    Don’t feel bad about missing the point at first Marc. It took me a while looking at the ad to figure out what it was saying.

  2. Thank you! This ad was bugging me, trying to figure out what uno’d meant. It might have helped if they hadn’t shaped the hose like the letter O.