Jennie-O Turkey: Less is More

Jennie-O Turkey ad

Any ad, like this one from Jennie-O, that gets its message across with only  an image and a headline is ok with me. They couldn’t have said it any better.

Let’s give this one the coveted 5 Monkeys.


By Marc Librescu


2 responses to “Jennie-O Turkey: Less is More

  1. I dunno’. Might work better without the confusing headline. What’s a rep? Is this common slang and I’m just out of the loop, or is that headline a genuine head-scratcher? Ad more reputation to your diet? That doesn’t make sense….

  2. “Rep” is short for “repetition.” It’s a common expression. It’s the number of times an exercise is performed within a set. So it you were going to do 3 reps of 10 pushups, it means you would do 10 pushups and then rest, and then another 10 and then rest, and then another 10.