LG Incite: Looks Old School To Me

LG Incite ad

The headline for this ad for LG Incite says:

You don’t wear a suit to work, so why
should your phone make it look like you do? 

The image shows a woman who’s supposed to be a fashion designer. Inexplicably, she’s wearing a suit jacket, which makes it look like she does wear a suit to work.

The message of the ad is that the LG Incite is stylish, but they don’t explicitly say that. The reader is supposed to infer it from the headline and the photo of the device in the ad. The copy contains the line: “It’s the phone that lets you work it, even when you’re not at work.”

But the Incite isn’t stylish and it’s not particularly attractive—it looks like an old Palm Pilot from the 1990s. Take a look at the Incite next to an iPhone and decide for yourself.

LG incite - iPhone

By Marc Librescu


2 responses to “LG Incite: Looks Old School To Me

  1. and further more Iphone doesn’t need ads!

    nice blog!

  2. there two complete different phone. you cant compare. Style wise iphones a block. incite a shiny block. (w/ a 3mp camera) u choose