Nivea Lip Moisturizers: For Kissing Boys


“This Valentine’s Day, Be Kiss-Ready,” says this ad for Nivea Lip Moisturizers. The image shows a woman at a window. On the other side of the window is her love, whose teenage-fuzz mustache makes him look all of 16-years-old.

Maybe this is another case of “hot for teacher.” Maybe she’s his mom. Maybe they should have considered their choice of models more carefully.

By Marc Librescu


4 responses to “Nivea Lip Moisturizers: For Kissing Boys

  1. I thought the ad was cute… then I read your post about it. Now it’s got a certain creepiness to it that didn’t occur to me before. You’ve ruined the ad for me =D

  2. why was a window used in the ad… why couldn’t they be meeting face to face?