SoCo + Mardi Gras = Responsible Drinking

In a world where everything has to be simplified for stupid people, Washington Mutual Bank wants to be known as WaMu, and Southern Comfort is now SoCo. As more alcoholic beverage brands jump on this ridiculous bandwagon, how long will it be before we see BuWe Beer instead of Budweiser and Johnny Walker Scotch starts calling itself JoWa?

This ad invokes Mardi Gras, where the sound of “Show us your tits,” echoes through New Orleans while grown adults (some of them drunk on SoCo) stagger down the streets trying to catch a glimpse of  women flashing their breasts.

At the bottom left of this ad are the words: DRINK RESPONSIBLY. After all, drinking responsibly is what Mardi Gras is all about.

WARNING: The following video contains explicit language.


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