Quaker True Delights Too Good To Be True


Other than looking a little like an Allstate ad, this ad for Quaker True Delights is pretty good. The idea of hands holding food strikes me as being somewhat unsanitary but I’m not going to nitpick. The nuts, chocolate, raspberries, and granola look pretty good.

You’re invited to be delighted. Great headline. Then there’s the copy:

From first sight to last bite, you’ll be delighted with NEW Quaker True Delights. An abundant combination of luscious raspberries, rich dark chocolate, and whole almonds, all at 14 calories.

Wow. That sounds pretty good. It makes you want to try the product.

So I did. And boy was I disappointed. The product doesn’t look like the photo on the box. In my opinion, it tasted pretty bland—not at all what I expected from the ad. I was not delighted.


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