Non-Toxic Spot Shot

When I first looked at this ad, I thought it was for an air freshener. After all, the image shows a spray bottle spraying something into the air.

The headline didn’t give me any clues:

and more effective
than ever.
it’s not magic
well maybe
a little.

Ok, so whatever it is, it’s non-toxic. So next time I’m out shopping for a non-toxic item, I’ll know what to buy.

The copy tells us that “non-toxic Spot Shot eliminates even the toughest carpet stains.” So it’s a non-toxic carpet stain cleaner.

(Note: Information here questioned the toxicity of a chemical used in this product. After a representative of the company posted a comment on the original post, clearing up a misunderstanding regarding different formulations of Spot Shot, aerosol vs. trigger, I’ve decided to delete the material relating to the formulation of the product. You can read the comment below.)


One response to “Non-Toxic Spot Shot

  1. Hi Marc.
    Wanted to clear up any misperception regarding the Non-Toxic claim in the advertisement cited in your post. Confusion around the non-toxic claim has been created on the Spot Shot Web site, as the FAQ that you’re pulling information from is intended for Spot Shot’s aerosol product and not for the new Spot Shot trigger product — which is featured in the ad.

    Both formulations are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute for cleaning and safety, but, Spot Shot trigger formulations are completely different. These formulas are not yet designed for an aerosol can. Although the aerosol product is safe to use, the trigger formulations take that to a whole new level. They are non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

    Certainly apologize for any confusion and we’re working right now to make more clear the information posted on the Spot Shot Web site. In the meantime, a MSDS sheet for Spot Shot trigger is available on the WD-40 Company Web site at:

    I hope this clarifies things and please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


    Brandy Lamb
    Spot Shot Brand Manger