Vicks NyQuil Lets You Dance

A few weeks ago, I talked about an ad for Vicks DayQuil (which was also a NyQuil ad). I pointed out that the image was strong, although there were a few problems with the implications of the image.

This new ad for NyQuil also uses a strong image. There’s a photo of an empty dose cup. The NyQuil that’s left in the cup forms the image of a couple dancing. The message of the image is that after you take NyQuil, you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to go out and dance.

In addition, there’s only enough copy to clarify the message of the image.

This one gets 5 monkeys!

5 Monkeys!


3 responses to “Vicks NyQuil Lets You Dance

  1. This is one of two ads in this series, and by far the better of the two. The other ad in this series has an image inside the cup that I have no idea what the heck it’s supposed to be. My best guess is a pair of flippers.

    Point is, I guess, that they need to be careful with this sort of ad. The ad here has a good image that’s easily recognizable, but the other ad uses an image inside the cup that I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be.

  2. Is 5 monkeys good? I love these ads!

  3. 5 Monkeys is the most coveted award!