Are California Raisins Beautiful?

Here’s the headline from this ad for California Raisins.


Everything has its beauty.
Some will see it,
others will taste it.

When you’re making an ad, it’s always good to stay away from hype. Raisins don’t look beautiful, except, perhaps, to another raisin. They don’t taste beautiful; they taste like raisins.

The ad is a bit logo crazy, with the old California Raisin character at the bottom left, and a kind of smiley face thing on the right.

Having said that, I should say that I love California Raisins. I eat them all the time. I live in California, and the state is about to go bankrupt (thanks, Arnold!). If everyone buys lots of California Raisins, it will help the California economy, and keep the state from sliding into the toilet.


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