The Big Deal About Equador


This ad, features a high-contrast, not very interesting photograph of a little girl looking bored standing next to a giant turtle, combined with too much copy. My guess is that this isn’t going to get people to stop what they’re doing and book a flight to Equador.

The ad is dull. It doesn’t inspire me or fire my imagination. And I sure don’t have time in my busy day to wade through all that copy.


One response to “The Big Deal About Equador

  1. If anyone does read through all that copy, they may become more confused. At first, the ad talks about how traveling “undermines the purity of nature,” then tells us “travel to Equador.” Huh? Why does Equador want us to destroy their ecosystem there by us traveling there? Do they have special planes, or something, so that traveling there, unlike traveling other places, helps the environment?