Silk Light Soymilk Is The Real Thing

It’s hard not to like this ad for Silk Light Soymilk. Sure, the type in the headline looks wrong. Yes, the copy is almost too small to read. But this ad sure gets your attention.

What’s more, the guy in the ad and the two kids don’t look like professional models—they look like a real family. And they look like they’re having fun posing for the camera.

Even if these are professional models, the fact that they don’t appear to be professional models makes the ad seem believable. It has a certain charm, if you will, that you don’t often see in advertising today.


3 responses to “Silk Light Soymilk Is The Real Thing

  1. Yes I agree, it is an incredible ad. warm and real. It evokes a sense of happiness which is rare in advertising.

  2. I just got back from the store with my Silk. This ad got to me. I wanna be them.


  3. The company’s publicity person confirmed that this is a real family.