The Ritz-Carlton Spa Has an Ad That is Blah


When I scan ads for this blog, I go to great lengths to make sure the scan looks similar to the original ad. Thist frequently involves doing color and exposure corrections in Photoshop. One of the points that I wanted to make with this ad for The Ritz-Carlton Spa was that the colors were dull and that the rocks, hand, and plate in the foreground were out of focus. It may not be evident in this scan because the the colors were rendered more vibrant than the actual ad. I tried to do some corrections to make the scan match the ad, but the scan still looks better than the original.

So, we have a kind of dull-looking ad. Someone’s doing yoga on a plate, against a Japanese painting. It’s clever, but they just didn’t pull it off.

I like the headline:

Scheduling a wake-up call for your spirit.
It’s our pleasure.

In their attempt to be kind of zen, they made the headline kind of small, and it’s placement in the ad doesn’t work.

On the whole, this ad looks like one of those cheap-looking ads that you see in a local city magazine rather than a high-quality ad that you would expect to see in a national magazine. 


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