Vera Wang’s Museum Piece



This ad spread for Vera Wang Bouquet is wonderful. The first page features an arresting image that is reminiscent of a painting. In fact, it owes just a little to Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring.


You understand right away that this isn’t cheap perfume. Vera Wang knows that her target audience isn’t going to buy perfume “by” some pop singer. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive—it promises romance, elegance, and sophistication. All this is done with no copy other than the name of the product.

The second page has a sample of the scent. No one is in love with these in magazines but it does give the reader the opportunity to preview the scent.

Wang has created beautiful packaging for her perfume and advertised it with an ad worthy of the product.


One response to “Vera Wang’s Museum Piece

  1. I agree that the ad seems to consciously be imitating a painting, with how the image is degraded on the right side. I’m wondering why they went with a model with a hard edge when the bottle is so fragile, but I find the tension there compelling.