Your Dad Joined the Canadian Club. Now it’s Your Turn.


When I was young, anything your dad did was uncool and not to be imitated. Things are different today (I hear every mother say); this ad exhorts young people to drink Canadian Club Whisky because their fathers drank it.

There’s nothing actually wrong with this ad. It’s mystifying to me how the it’s going to help Canadian Club sell whiskey. Maybe I just don’t understand today’s youth. It’s kind of sad if this is the kind of advertising they respond to.

Damn right.


5 responses to “Your Dad Joined the Canadian Club. Now it’s Your Turn.

  1. Disagree. These made me notice Canadian CLub for the first time, like, ever. Hadn’t seen this one before. I like the ones about dads getting the ladies. I tried one after i saw those. not great booze. but damn smart ads.

  2. not a bad thing

    I’ve been a huge fan of the new Canadian Club campaign ever since it broke a few months ago. According to the latest article from AdAge, it appears I’m not the only one. The campaign, under the tagline of “Damn Right Your Dad Drank It” has helped Canadian Club reverse one of the longest declines in the spirit industry. From the article, “case volume of Canadian Club in food, drug and liquor stores rose 4.4% in the 13 weeks ending March 8.” This is after case shipments went from 3.9 million in 1980 to 1.5 million in 1995 and further down to 1.3 million last year.

    In my eyes, the success of this campaign shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that knows Gen Y/Millenials. For younger consumers (ie the 21 to 30 set this campaign goes after), being like your dad isn’t a bad thing. Family is more important to this generation of consumers than ever before and dad is a role model, not an old guy. In fact, doing something your father did isn’t a bad thing, especially when you think about your dad as a cool young guy that enjoyed life. Canadian Club got it right on this one with their new generation of consumers.

  3. As I said, I don’t understand today’s youth. I didn’t say that it’s a bad ad. I was saying that from my 49-year-old perspective, if this is the kind of ad that young men respond to, it’s sad.

    When I saw the ad, it didn’t make me want to try Canadian Club whiskey. It just made me laugh. It doesn’t mean the ad isn’t effective. It means that I’m obviously not the target audience.

    In any case, I’m glad that my post has stimulated some discussion.

  4. Maybe it’s meant to be aimed at 21-30 year olds whose dads drank whiskey? Mine doesn’t. Maybe for that reason, the ad just seems kinda’… weird, or something. Not really something that makes me want to try this brand.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but this ad would seem to alienate anyone with a non-drinking father.

  5. I like the ad, and I’m associating it with tv shows like Mad Men, where hard drinking is shown as historically male.