The Tassimoment of Truth


Bosch understands how to put a good ad together. This ad for their Tassimo coffee maker is pretty clear about what they’re trying to sell.

Here’s what they could have done to make the ad better:

  • Change the headline. My Tassimoment assumes that the reader is already familiar with the Tassimo  brand and she is going to make the association between the attempt at a clever headline and the product name. They’re wrong. And Tassimoment just sounds dopey.
  • Change the subheadThe Thrill of Choosing Which Way to Go, doesn’t really mean anything. Are they talking about driving to a vacation spot and choosing between the fast route and the scenic route? No, they’re saying that you can choose between different varieties of hot beverages—albeit unclearly.
  • Make it clear that this is a one-cup coffee maker. Yes, they show a single cup in a coffee machine, but the image is too small.The average reader is only going to glance at the ad. The one-cup concept should be stronger. Maybe it should have been in the headline.

Still, this ad is better than 99% of the ads out there today, which are crap.


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