Unscripted and Unpurchased


Here’s the latest entry on the celebrity fragrance bandwagon. This one is called Unscripted: Patrick Dempsey. The headline reads:

follow your passion

Let’s be clear about this: “follow your passion,” isn’t a phrase that resonates with men. Men don’t call each other on the phone and talk about passion. The word invokes romance novels and chocolate packaged in heart-shaped boxes.

The distinctly feminine headline, combined with the word AVON at the bottom of the ad all but assures that men will go out of their way to not buy this product.


6 responses to “Unscripted and Unpurchased

  1. Your forgetting that a lot of men don’t go out and buy cologne on their own. Women generally will pick the cologne for their man. Women will smell this and definitely buy some for their man. From that standpoint the marketing may make sense given the largest audience of Avon shoppers are women. Maybe their marketing is better targeted than you give it credit.

    I’ve also had the pleasure of smelling this fragrance. It’s excellent.

    – Christy

  2. Christy,

    It would have been honest to disclose that you’re an Avon representative, which hardly makes you unbiased when it comes to both the ad and the product.

    Fair enough, you’ve alerted me to the idea that the ad is targeted to women who will presumably buy the cologne for a man.

    I can tell you that my wife doesn’t pick cologne for me. If she did, she would know not to buy me cologne with an actor’s name on it. If she had a moment of temporary insanity and bought me something called Unscripted: Patrick Dempsey, I would ask her to RETURN it, without even opening the bottle.

    “Honey,” I would say, “I love you, but I don’t want to smell like Patrick Dempsey, who is a high school dropout.”


  3. Don’t worry Marc, even if you had a moment of temporary insanity and wore it, you wouldn’t smell like Patrick Dempsey.
    This man, who’s wearing Versace and driving a porshe doesn’t wear a 30$ cologne.
    The target is all those desperates housewives who’re peeing their panties thinking about how hawwwwt PD is…

  4. I would like to say that I am not an Avon rep, but I have smelled the cologne as I do buy Avon. I would buy this for my husband except he won’t wear anything that has Patrick’s name on it because he knows I like him… 🙂
    It does smell VERY nice. And I do believe the whole background of “follow your passion” is part of the “unscripted” title. And I agree with Christy, women are the ones generally buying their men’s cologne, so they are going to market anything selling for Avon, FOR WOMEN.

  5. My boyfriend would laugh no end if I ever bought him PD’s fragance…
    I think cologne is very personal, and I do buy cologne to my BF, but only the one I know he loves.
    If he wanted to change, he’d choose himself the new one, it’s not something you can choose for him.
    Plus it’s better to try a cologne before buying it, because you have to smell it on your skin to know what you would smell wearing it since the smell changes according to your body chemistry.

  6. To Cindy: Please explain what the “unscripted” life is. I don’t know anyone who has a scripted life. If there is no such thing as a scripted life, then the term “unscripted life” is rendered meaningless.

    To “Me,” I see your point. Women can buy the cologne and then fantasize that their ugly boyfriends and husbands are really Patrick Dempsey.

    Personally, if I wanted to try a new cologne, I’d probably take my wife along to make sure that whatever I’d picked out meets her approval (after all, she has to smell it), but I would never in a billion years buy a cologne that had a celebrity’s name attached to it.