The Future of AdMonkey


I started this blog about 6 months ago in response to what I saw was a world plagued with bad advertising—stupid concepts, lousy art direction, and awful copywriting. I thought it would be a good idea to critique these ads and have some fun in the process.

Unfortunately, the blog has been limping along with about 50 visitors per day and holding steady. Some visitors are from American universities. Some are from advertising agencies. Some are from corporations that track themselves or their competitors on the web.

There’s a smattering of international visitors from countries as varied as England, India, Netherlands, the Philippines, Australia, Korea, Romania, Germany, and Brazil, to name a few.

I recently noticed that the most popular post each day isn’t that day’s post. This means that people are finding old posts through links or search engines, reading them, and not coming back. AdMonkey doesn’t appear to have many regular readers who check it each day or every couple of days. If this is the case, it means that virtually no one will ever read this post.

I envisioned AdMonkey as a lively blog where people would leave comments and enter into discussions about advertising. For the most part, that hasn’t happened.

As you can imagine, this blog takes some time and work every day. In a down economy, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be using the time devoted to the blog to pick up freelance copywriting work.

If you like this blog and would like to see it continue, please tell your friends or associates about it. Seeing more comments posted would help, too, but if I have to start begging people to post, I might as well just hang it up.

If readership doesn’t begin to increase, I’ll put the project on hiatus and concentrate on work that’s more productive.


One response to “The Future of AdMonkey

  1. You have a good thing going here and six months is too early to abandon it. If anything else it shows you should devote more time to it. If you are keeping your pieces short then you should post several times a day. Longer introspective pieces can be spaced out at once a week. Nothin like persistence and hard work.