Sun-Maid Reaches and Misses


Sun-Maid has decided to have some fun with the image of the woman on their raisin box. Here, they’ve put her at some kind of red carpet event, playing off the color of the box.

There are two problems here. The first is the illustration, which looks like it was done with a 3D graphics program. As a result, the figure is stiff and creepy-looking. The way her hand is stretched out combined with the dark glasses make her look like she’s blind. Wouldn’t it have been better to use a photo of a model dressed as the Sun-Maid?

The second problem is the message. They show a red carpet event, yet the copy talks about the small boxes being good for portion control. The copy doesn’t have anything to do with the image or the headline.


One response to “Sun-Maid Reaches and Misses

  1. Sometimes it seems like advertisers just like using computer animated people because it’s “ooh, new, shiny” or something like that. Depending on the ad, it sometimes looks nice. Othertimes, like with this one, it’s kinda’ scary, and I have to wonder why they didn’t just get a regular model for the ad.

    I know there are some Nuvaring advertisements in magazines now using regular models–you’ve likely seen one. I don’t remember seeing any magazine ads from back when the “old version” Nuvaring commercials were on TV, but the “old version” commercials for the product used oddly terrifying computer-animation people. Later on, they re-did the commercial using real people instead of computer-animated ones, and while I’m still not sure how effective the commercial is, at least it’s not unsettling to watch anymore. I’m guessing they must’ve gotten a lot of complaints or something if they went through the effort of completely changing the commercial like that.