Philadelphia Cream Cheese Heats Up Sales


The folks at Kraft Foods came up with a winner in this ad for Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The entire ad is a recipe  for cheesecake with some photos to demonstrate how to make it.

The reader’s eye is drawn to the food photo. The next thing the reader does is think, “I’d like to make this cheesecake.” The instructional photos say, “You can do it!”

Anyone who is planning on making this cheesecake is going to have to buy cream cheese. There are a few other brands out there, but the headline of this ad tells us:

Why trust your cheesecake
to anyone but PHILLY.

I’m saving this recipe. Maybe I’ll make some cheesecake. 


One response to “Philadelphia Cream Cheese Heats Up Sales

  1. You know something that kinda’ bugs me? A lot of recent Pepperidge Farm ads are also doing the “instructional photos” thing… except there’s no recipe, and those snacks are obviously not made by hand. Might just be a peeve of mine, though.