Del Monte Fruit Naturals Got Back


The pair that looks like a butt is a funny image, albeit not too original—I remember seeing it used 20 years ago in a foreign TV commercial.

The problem (you knew there was going to be a problem) with this ad for Del Monte Fruit Naturals is that the headline and the image don’t makes sense together and have nothing to do with the product.

Does this skin make my butt look big? doesn’t mean anything. The ad is trying to say that their Fruit Naturals don’t have skin, seeds, or cores. How does the image of the pear and the headline work to reinforce the message?

They don’t.

The other problem is that the name of the product isn’t mentioned in the headline or the copy. It does say, “Fruit Undressed,” which isn’t the name of the product. You can read the name of the product on the label of the product photo, but that’s asking too much of the reader.

Asking too much of the reader is the cardinal sin of print advertising.


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