The Beckhams’ Signature Celebrity Smell


Like the two halves of this ad for Beckham Signature fragrance, I find myself torn. I like the design and the photography. I also like that the ad gets the message across with almost no copy.

The problem is the message. Every fragrance for men or woman now seems to be tied to some celebrity. These are usually actresses and female singers, but we’re increasingly seeing men’s fragrances associated with actors and even country music singers.

Now we have a fragrance that’s associated with a couple. And it’s David and Victoria Beckham. David used to be famous in England for playing soccer. His wife Victoria was once known as Posh Spice and is now known mostly for being thin and changing hairstyles.

The Beckhams recently moved to California to become more famous, since being famous in the UK doesn’t pay nearly as well as being famous in the US. Plus, California has better weather and easier access to Tom Cruise.

Soon every product will be associated with a celelbrity. We’ll carry Britney Spears purses and  Tim McGraw wallets. We’ll drive Hulk Hogan pickup trucks, eat Tom Hanks frozen dinners, and drink Will Smith bottled water. Eventually, someone will open a specialty store that will only carry decelebrified products so that normal people can have a life devoid of celebrities.

In the meantime, enjoy your Rosie O’Donnell fried chicken.


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