Aruba Makes it Hard to Read


This travel ad for Aruba features a photograph of a spa owner named Fred Abspoel. The copy is supposed to look like it was written by hand; but it’s really just a handwriting font.

I feel like a broken record (records were these round plastic disks with a hole in the middle…never mind) pointing out over and over again that people don’t buy magazines in order to read the wonderful ads. They want to read the articles. There are some exceptions to this, such as ads in a fashion magazine.

For the most part, ads are an annoyance. They are in the way. An advertiser who can get someone to give more than a cursory glance at their ad has done something amazing. With that in mind, why would a company create an ad that uses a handwriting font that’s difficult to read, virtually assuring that no one will ever read it?


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