EAS Myoplex Makes You Work Too Hard


The folks at EAS have come up with a first-rate image of triathlete Jen Perez to advertize their product, Myoplex Lite.

When I look at the ad, I’m drawn to the image and spend some time looking at it. The Team EAS logo is lost to me. Even if I was fully conscious of the logo, I have no idea what Team EAS means, because it means nothing to me.

Then my eye goes down the the bottom left of the ad. It says: Don’t waste your workout. That’s great but I still don’t have a clue what this ad is trying to sell.

Next, I go the the box on the right. I see a weird little graphic of a running figure with the words POST WORKOUT and then WITHIN 30 MINUTES and 2 HOURS OR MORE. This could have been written in Swahili because I don’t understand it.

Then I read the copy and finally learn that this product helps you refuel and build lean muscle.

This is too little, too late. You can’t make the reader work to extract information from your ad. You have to get in, give a quick hit, and then get out. The people who produced this ad were so enchanted with their image that they forgot they were in the business of selling products.


One response to “EAS Myoplex Makes You Work Too Hard

  1. She’s hot.