We’re Not in Kansas Anymore


I won’t argue that Kansas is a nice place to visit, but this ad doesn’t convince me. There’s a photo of a guy standing on a big rock, overlooking miles and miles of flat empty land.

The headline asks:

When’s the last time you saw something like this?
(screen savers don’t count)

The question is based on the assumption that this photo is the most awe-inspiring vista I’ve ever seen—the 8th wonder of the world. But it’s not a great photo, artistically or scenically. Most screen savers look better.

The copy goes on to talk about nine scenic byways (my dictionary defines byway as a minor road or path), state parks (all states have state parks), and the country’s largest remaining tallgrass prairie (what does one do in a tallgrass prairie?).

There’s some copy along the bottom of the ad that says:

authentic as you heard/as beautiful as you imagine/as big as you think/as fun as

Look for yourself. Whatever was supposed to come after “as fun as” is missing. I guess they want to leave it up to your imagination.


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