Bose Needs Buzz For More Biz


First things first. Bose is a great company. They make great products. I own their speakers. My dentist uses Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones for his patients. I’d own a pair if I could afford them.

This ad for Bose SoundDock Series II digital music system isn’t terrible—it’s just not that great. If you have a spectacular product, why not create a spectacular ad?

The first problem here is the photo. There’s no detail in the shadows, so everything looks muddy. It makes it difficult to see the product. Photographing black against dark gray is just a bad idea.

I’m not a fan of Joe the Disembodied Hand over on the left side, either.

Then there’s the huge block of copy with no break. Note to Bose: Dude, the readers just aren’t that into you. They’re going to take a look at all that copy and think: I’m not reading no stinkin’ novel!

Just about every Bose ad features a testimonial or two (many of them are from my cousin, Rich Warren). Why not set the testimonials off instead of embedding them in the copy. This way, if the reader skips the copy (sorry, but readers don’t read copy), at least they’ll see the testimonial and remember that.

I’ve scanned today’s ad at a higher resolution than normal, so you can click the image above if you’d like to read the copy.


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