Limoncello Nails It


Who would have thought I’d find two great ads in as many days? Not me.

This ad for Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello features a great photo of the actor. In one shot, the photo captures Danny’s personality, the look of the drink, the taste of the drink, and adds an Italian component (the glass and the cello).

The agency that created this ad wisely chose to limit the copy to the name of the product and a URL.

They know they nailed it.


One response to “Limoncello Nails It

  1. What makes this ad (and product launch) so clever is that DeVito, skunked after a night of drinking limoncello with George Clooney, went on “The View” and trashed President Bush mercilessly. So the ad works on many levels. Here’s the link to the clip: