Chips Ahoy! Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

This is an interesting idea, but this ad for Chips AhoyI Cookies doesn’t quite carry it off. The clever part is the wink at the medium, the fake magazine page under the bite mark.

I’m not sure I completely understand what’s supposed to have happened here. If a person took a bite out of the magazine page, the bite mark is much bigger than a human bite. I know, I watch Forensic Files.

“But the cookie is bigger than an actual cookie,” you say. “But the fake magazine page underneath is actual size,” I reply. So the scale is off.

And why is it white where the bite was taken out?

Who knows. Get me one of those cookies.


One response to “Chips Ahoy! Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

  1. Ages ago, Sara Lee had an ad like this, but instead of a fake bite with a fake article, the ad had actual empty space where the bite was, like the page was actually cut into a bite “shape.” The “bite” looked entirely too neat and perfect, though. I think this ad pulls the effect off better than that one did. Not perfect here, but better than the Sara Lee one of years past, anyway.