Kaspersky Ad. You Were Not Very Good

The problem with this ad for Kaspersky Lab is that It’s difficult to tell what the company is trying to sell. There’s a picture of a knight walking away with his head down, along with this headline:


Does this say anything about the product? Does it even give you the slightest idea of what the product is? Does it make sense in relation to anything?

Sadly, the answer to these questions is a resounding no. It looks like an ad for a video game.

If you read the copy (which as I’ve said over and over again, no one will, because there’s no motivation for readers to slog through large amounts of ad copy), you’ll find out that the ad is for a company that makes Internet Security products. The knight is supposed to represent other security software companies, which is only evident if you’ve waded through the copy and read:

Compared to Kaspersky, other security software options are positively medieval.

The reader will see the knight, read the confusing headline, look down at the packages of software, and then turn the page.


One response to “Kaspersky Ad. You Were Not Very Good

  1. I kinda’ like the visual, and the idea behind this ad. I’m also not the average ad reader. While I can appreciate the connection between the knight, the Internet security software, and old security software being outdated, I’m quite aware that most people aren’t going to take all that time in order to make the connection themselves, though.